Term Definition
Bole log Trunk or main stem of tree
Carbon sequestration The removal and storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into reservoirs, including forests and wood products
Clearfall A silvicultural system in which all trees in an area are removed at one time to allow regeneration to establish and develop as an even age stand
Crown A tree’s canopy or foliage
Cubic metre (m3) Measure of timber volume
Falling or felling Cutting down trees
First rotation (1R) A new species plantation from the previous rotation or where no plantation existed on the site before
Hardwood Tree species with hard or dense wood, or the timber from it
Harvesting Felling of trees as part of a silvicultural operation
Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) A high-strength engineered wood product used primarily for structural applications
Low-grade logs Logs unsuitable for sawmilling but suitable for other uses including manufacturing of reconstituted wood products, wood chipping, charcoal and energy generation
Plantation A planted forest
Residues Part of trees other than bole or trunk including branches, needles and tree stumps
Second rotation A new plantation of the same species established following the harvest of the initial planting
Sharefarming Contractual agreement with a farmer or landowner over an agreed period of years to use cleared land for commercial tree cropping
Silviculture The theory and practice of managing the establishment, composition, health, quality and growth of forests and woodlands to achieve specified management objectives
Softwood Tree species with soft wood, or the timber from it. Most commonly conifers (cone-bearing)
Stumpage revenue The stumpage revenue is the timber sales revenue less production charges which includes harvest and haulage costs, and sandalwood processing and marketing costs
Sustainable yield Sustainable yield of a forest is the maximum level of commercial harvest that can be maintained under a given management regime
Thinning Felling of a proportion of the trees in an immature stand for the purpose of improving the growth of trees that remain without permanently breaking the canopy and encouraging regeneration
Timber General term used to describe sawn wood suitable for building, furniture construction and other purposes
Veneer logs High quality logs that can be sliced or peeled to produce veneer