Certification of the key performance indicators

We hereby certify that the key performance indicators are based on proper records, are relevant and appropriate for assisting users to assess the Forest Products Commission’s performance, and fairly represent the performance of the Forest Products Commission for the financial year ended 30 June 2019.

Mr Ross Holt | Chairman
11 September 2019
Ms Amelia Yam | Deputy Chair and Chair of Audit and Risk Committee
11 September 2019

Key Performance Indicators

The 2018-2019 financial year is the second year reporting against the FPC’s 18 KPIs, as ten of the KPIs were newly implemented for the 2017-2018 financial year. Where available, data has been presented for the previous two years as a comparison.

The FPC’s KPIs are aligned with State Government goals.

State Government goals

1: Better places

A quality environment with liveable and affordable communities and vibrant regions.


2: Strong communities

Safe communities and supported families.


3: Future jobs and skills

Grow and diversify the economy, create jobs and support skills development.


4: Sustainable finances

Responsible financial management and better service delivery


Our strategic goals

G1: Healthy forests

Deliver healthy forests for future generations.


G2: Vibrant forest industry

Facilitate a vibrant forestry industry to deliver social and economic benefits, particularly in regional Western Australia.


G3: Business outcomes

Ensure efficient, effective and safe delivery of business outcomes.