Government policy requirements

Workforce profile

Our workforce demographics demonstrate the work achieved in the area of Equal Opportunity Employment. 

Diversity group Representation within the FPC* Representation within the Public Sector*
Women in Management Tier 2 and 3 combined 40.9% 47.7%
Indigenous Australians 2.1% 2.7%
People from culturally diverse backgrounds 16.2% 13.2%
People with a disability 2.2% 1.6%
Youth (aged 24 and under) 8.8% 4.0%
Mature (aged 45 and over) 56.3% 52.6%

* The Public Sector Quarterly Entity profile (QEP) for June 2019 was not available at the time this report was produced. Data from September 2018 QEP report was used for this report.
** This data includes fixed term and casual employees.

Unauthorised use of credit cards

Officers of the FPC hold corporate credit cards where their functions warrant usage of this facility. Despite each cardholder being reminded of their obligations under the FPC’s credit card procedure, six employees inadvertently utilised the corporate credit card for personal expenses. These matters were not referred for disciplinary action as the Director Finance noted prompt settlement of the personal use amounts, and, that the nature of the expenditure was immaterial and characteristic of honest mistakes.

Aggregate amount $
Personal use expenditure for the reporting period $567
Personal use expenditure settled by the due date (within 5 working days) $567
Personal use expenditure settled after the period (after 5 working days) -
Personal use expenditure outstanding at balance date -