Performance management framework

Our operations are guided by strategic goals to help ensure we provide healthy forests, facilitate a vibrant forestry industry and ensure effective delivery of business outcomes

To help evaluate our contribution to the State, our Statement of Corporate Intent 2018-19 (SCI) links the State Government goals to our strategic goals and the relevant key performance indicators. 

State Government goals

1: Better places

A quality environment with liveable and affordable communities and vibrant regions.


2: Strong communities

Safe communities and supported families.


3: Future jobs and skills

Grow and diversify the economy, create jobs and support skills development.


4: Sustainable finances

Responsible financial management and better service delivery


Our strategic goals

G1: Healthy forests

Deliver healthy forests for future generations.


G2: Vibrant forest industry

Facilitate a vibrant forestry industry to deliver social and economic benefits, particularly in regional Western Australia.


G3: Business outcomes

Ensure efficient, effective and safe delivery of business outcomes.


Key performance indicators

G1: Healthy forests

  • Quantity of native forest hardwood log timber harvested compared 
  • to the FMP sustainable levels and targets
  • Harvest of sandalwood does not exceed Order in Council
  • Effectiveness of forest regeneration (karri, jarrah and sandalwood)
  • The achievement of thinning schedules (karri, softwood plantations 
  • and sandalwood plantations)
  • All aspects of road construction within guidelines
  • All operations commence with required approvals
  • Independent certification maintained

G2: Vibrant forest industry

  • Area of softwood plantation established against target
  • Expansion of the plantation estate
  • Increase in low-value resource delivered to and processed by local markets
  • Planned firebreak activities achieved
  • Timeliness of response to stakeholder concerns or complaints
  • All high-value sawlog resource processed locally
  • Timeliness of initial response to Ministerials requests and Parliamentary Questions

G3: Business outcomes

  • Operating profit
  • Costs per dollar of revenue generated
  • Log delivery consistent with contractual obligations
  • Green sandalwood roots as a percentage of green sandalwood harvested

Statement of Corporate Intent priority initiatives 2018-2019 progress report

The SCI sets our priority initiatives for the financial year.

Goal Initiative

Certification for sandalwood

Regenerate fire-damaged areas of karri and jarrah in collaboration with the 
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

Promote pine plantations’ potential to play a key role in the Recovery Plans for black cockatoos

Ensure Department of Fire and Emergency Service’s Bushfire Risk Management Process captures plantation assets

Reduce the threat to FPC’s pine plantations through an active program of fuel hazard reduction
Deliver extension to Regional Forest Agreement with the Commonwealth Government
Increase area of jarrah forest harvested for regeneration release
G2: Determine viability of an Integrated Timber Processing Yard to deliver industry and community benefits 
to regional Western Australia, and commence implementation if feasible

Develop and commence implementation of Wood Encouragement Policy

Deliver on private sector investment in softwood plantation expansion

Establish trials for pine cuttings program for rapid genetic deployment

Develop farm forestry strategy

Promote collaboration on marketing, research and local processing opportunities in the sandalwood plantation sector

Promote multiple-use activities associated with FPC forest operations

Focus on staff professional development 

Focus on Aboriginal traineeship and employment opportunities

New technologies support log value optimisation

Remote sensing technology implemented to improve efficiency and accuracy of harvest planning

Identify broader national and international industry on common research and innovation trends

Develop whole-of-industry incident assessment and safety reporting