Chair's report

Forestry plays a vital role in contributing to the well-being of the Western Australian people and we remain committed to greater engagement with Aboriginal communities, addressing the forestry industry’s challenges, and maintaining a safe, strong and vibrant industry.

The development of the Djarlma Plan aims to set the strategic direction for the future of the forestry industry by integrating traditional with scientific knowledge. This will allow the industry to meet contemporary market needs and maximise its social, economic and environmental contribution to the State. The Plan also recognises that improving how these benefits are communicated to the broader community will support investment in the forestry industry. 

We continued to reinvest in native forest and sandalwood regeneration, plantation expansion and innovation, to ensure the resource harvested from our forests is sustainably sourced. Western Australia’s forests are a renewable resource and sustainable management will ensure our forests are maintained to support future industry and community needs.

 We expanded Western Australia’s softwood estate with more than 1,600 hectares of additional land established, and 180 hectares expected to be established in winter 2019 through Forest Products Commission (FPC) Farm Forestry Assist grants awarded to landowners choosing to grow pine. This is part of an ambitious softwood expansion strategy to grow the estate and provide enhanced resource certainty in the softwood sector.

The FPC has also committed to working with the Forest Industries Federation WA (FIFWA) to urgently improve the industry’s safety performance.

I wish to thank Mr Geoffrey Totterdell, who left after nearly six years with the Commission, for his valuable contribution as Deputy Chair. I’d also like to thank my fellow commissioners for their support throughout the year.

I am proud of the continued dedication of FPC staff, particularly their commitment to safety, both in everyday work activities and in our broader role in the forestry industry.  




Mr Ross Holt | Chair
11 September 2019